Pit stains be gone!

Okay so mostly all my friends and family know that I have a huge obsession when it comes to Pinterest! I can literally spend hours looking at all the fun creative and diy projects. I love me some crafts! Especially since my son is home for the summer and I MUST entertain him. But besides spending my day doing arts and crafts with him, I am also semi-OCD. I love cleaning! I hate a mess. I don’t live in a very large apartment so I’m also ways finding new ways to declutter and clean.

So I found this on Pinterest by One Good Thing by Jillee on how to get rid of armpit stains on white shirts. Well I don’t know about you but I have tons of white clothes that I have spent hours trying to remove stains from and bleach does not cut it! So she did a simple concoction of Peroxide, Dawn dishwashing detergent and some baking soda. It transformed her shirts! Now I’m normally a skeptic for anything I find online so I had to try it for myself and see if it really did work.

Before pic:

armpit stains from my deodorant. These shirts are at least 3 years old.

I used a 2 tablespoons of Dawn, at least of cup of Peroxide and 3 tablespoons of baking soda

I poured it into a used water bottle (I have it marked in my closet to not use for anything else) and doused the area with the concoction. I scrubbed it a little and left it overnight. Mainly because I don’t have a washer/dryer in my house and had to wait for the next day anyway. I figured it didn’t matter.

and voila!

looks good as new! I’m totally excited now to clean all my son’s white shirts, socks and my boyfriends shirt. This is awesome!

Happy Reading~

Tootles!-Chic Cheli


Purple Rain

I visited my friend Marjon and Mareyam today. We had a lovely time discussing our blogs. We then ventured off to my hometown to take my son Ronnie to the park. I wanted to wear a dress but be comfortable. I selected a short sexy Valerie Bertenelli dress I found at marshalls for around $15. I really do have the best Marshalls near me! Lucky me! I normally wear this dress to the club but dressed it down by pairing it with a brown belt and turquoise sandals.

The brown belt was an attachment to a floral dress I have. But get a loud of my sandals! Very chic and comfortable especially during a hot humid day like today.

I also painted my nails a hot fusia color with one nail covered in glitter purple both by  Sinful Colors. Found them at a great buy for around $1.50 at Bed Bath and Beyond a season ago.

Hope you like my outfit!!! muah. -Chic Cheli

Hot summer day!

Hello friends!!

Today was a pretty good day. My best friend Laura (LadyLaura) came over with her kids. Love it when they stop by! My son and her daughter Isabella are best friends as well 🙂 They play very well together and it’s just hilarious to see the things that five-year olds do. Her daughter is gorgeous! But I can totally wait till they get older and fall in love.. sigh!

Well anyhoo, we spent the majority of the day chatting and looking at our favorite bloggers. I happen to love Gabifresh and Dulce Candy.  Both are very talented stylist and more importantly they post items that I would have never thought to put together!  So since we’re both mommies and understand the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life with our children, we decided to dig into what I like to call my “treasurechestofthrift“. I AM A HUGE thriftshopper. I don’t believe in paying full price for anything! Some people get turned off by going to consignment shops but I grew up on them. I did not come from a wealthy family and my parents would take us to The Goodwill, Salvation Army and occasionally we received church donations. I learned a long time ago that with a little bit of love and Estilo you can make any $5 outfit rock!

My favorite consignment shop is Consignment Originals, Inc in Orange, CT. I find the best name brand clothing at the best prices! To prove it we created a casual outfit to go to eat ice cream with the kids.

I found this cute Josephine Chause skirt for only $6.25! I paired it with a simple white old navy shirt and brown H by Halston wooden heel stilettos.

H by halston shoes

Now this piece I absolutely rock as much as possible! My bestie Mareyam gave this to me. And I know you wouldn’t belive by looking at it, but her mom made it! i love the chunkiness to it as well as the fact that it goes with so many outfits.

Necklace made by the famous Farideh

Her mom Farideh is this beautiful Persian pop singer with incredible fashion sense. Check out her Iranian music videos on Youtube!


Summer casual

Summer casual

Matiko brown shoes

Converse flat shoes

Lulu Guinness travel tote

Miso set of bangle
$16 – republic.co.uk

Coral jewelry

Dorothy Perkins beaded jewelry
$10 – dorothyperkins.com

Sun hat

Charlotte Russe fedora hat
A basic coral short jumpsuit can be paired up with different shoes, sandals and accessories to go perfect for a summer weekend date. I love mix matching accessories because it gives a different flare to achieve your desired look!
Currently the weather in CT is crazy. One minute its a smoltering 100 degree weather then the showers come and your stuck wanting to change into comfortable sneakers so you dont mess up your pretty sandals. Word to the wise always keep sneakers in your car!! I currently have my red converses but these ivory canvas sneakers go with anything! I must look for them at my nearest Marshall’s outlet.

Fourth of July nails

Since I love all things creative there is no point in stating that obviously I’m a huge pinterest fan! I also Youtube many nail tutorials to give my overall look an extra spark.

Here is  my most recent creation

Fourth of July Nails:

I used red white and blue nail polish and followed this youtube tutorial.

Luvablenails has some of the most amazing tutorials I have seen yet! Be sure to follow her!   After some patience and alot of nail polish remover I was able to get the statue of liberty as close to the tutorial as I could. What do you think?

An Epifany! !

So I have finally decided to create my own blog… mainly because of my friend Marjon. Marjon writes and publishes her own nutrition books see tag below!

Marjon and Cheli

  She inspired me to posts my favorite make up styles, fashion styles and recipes. Since I was a little girl I would make fashion shows doing all my cousins and sister’s hair.I would spend endless hours styling my  barbie dolls and creating clothes for them. It helped that I am blessed to have a very creative mother. Not only was she a housewife, but she was a teacher and seamstress as well. She made matching clothes for my sister and I. Thankfully as I got older she allowed me to choose the fabric, cut and styles and really developed a passion for all things hip and pretty.

As I hit my teenage years I began really focusing on makeup. I was probably one of the few teens allowed to have the cat-eye look. I was lucky to have a father that did not mind me wearing makeup, mainly because he is MR DonDiva himself. lol. I’m serious. My father is an old school certified G. (without the illegal stuff..lol) He influenced my sister and I to always dress our best and look like ladies. I remember quite a few times where I wasn’t allowed to leave the house until I was sharp from head to toe. And I must admit that growing up in that type of environment has nourished my passion for fashion!

And now that I’m older and have a child I noticed how difficult it is to keep in style when other bills take priority and when you haven’t lost the 30 lbs of “babyfat”. I’ve been told that I have great fashion taste and a talent for hair/makeup. I really wanted to show people that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look and feel great!

So welcome readers, I hope you enjoy!