An Epifany! !

So I have finally decided to create my own blog… mainly because of my friend Marjon. Marjon writes and publishes her own nutrition books see tag below!

Marjon and Cheli

  She inspired me to posts my favorite make up styles, fashion styles and recipes. Since I was a little girl I would make fashion shows doing all my cousins and sister’s hair.I would spend endless hours styling my  barbie dolls and creating clothes for them. It helped that I am blessed to have a very creative mother. Not only was she a housewife, but she was a teacher and seamstress as well. She made matching clothes for my sister and I. Thankfully as I got older she allowed me to choose the fabric, cut and styles and really developed a passion for all things hip and pretty.

As I hit my teenage years I began really focusing on makeup. I was probably one of the few teens allowed to have the cat-eye look. I was lucky to have a father that did not mind me wearing makeup, mainly because he is MR DonDiva himself. lol. I’m serious. My father is an old school certified G. (without the illegal He influenced my sister and I to always dress our best and look like ladies. I remember quite a few times where I wasn’t allowed to leave the house until I was sharp from head to toe. And I must admit that growing up in that type of environment has nourished my passion for fashion!

And now that I’m older and have a child I noticed how difficult it is to keep in style when other bills take priority and when you haven’t lost the 30 lbs of “babyfat”. I’ve been told that I have great fashion taste and a talent for hair/makeup. I really wanted to show people that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to look and feel great!

So welcome readers, I hope you enjoy!


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