Geoffrey’s Movie Screening of J1 at Katra Lounge

I will totally admit that after having my son, my weight has fluctuated. With the stress of being a single mom, pressure from work etc… I would have period of losing 10-20 lbs then gaining 35 lbs right back. So yes trust me. I have tried every single diet etc. I’m to the point that I am not going to stress myself about it. I’m a gordita (fatgirl in Spanish) at heart. I love food! So since I’m not giving that up then I do everything possible to look good in the weight I’m in. I’m only 5’2 and ¾ ths. Yes, I am adding the ¾! It counts!

Now for being so petite, I have been told not to really wear dress down to my calf etc… because it would make me appear shorter. I tell you, not true! That’s why they make heels!  I am a total fanatic of dresses, short or long…doesn’t matter and paired with great accessories and a nice smile, you will defentiltey be ready for any event.

So when I went to my cousin Geoffrey’s film screening J1 at Katra lounge in NYC I knew I had to get pretty yet comfortable. Here are a few pictures of my outfit for the night… Not bad for a gordita!

I decided on a Calvin Klein beige mid length dress and accessorized it with a bright red belt and my favorite comfy Guess wooden platform heels. I found these pieces it at my favorite store in the world: Marshalls! The dress cost me $35 and the heels $20. I found the same dress in Nordstrom for $88, so high five to me for getting it at a great price. I paired up my dress with awesome accessories. I went with red and gold accessories that go with the vibe at Katra Lounge.  Check out the cool belly dancer that showed up!


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