Pit stains be gone!

Okay so mostly all my friends and family know that I have a huge obsession when it comes to Pinterest! I can literally spend hours looking at all the fun creative and diy projects. I love me some crafts! Especially since my son is home for the summer and I MUST entertain him. But besides spending my day doing arts and crafts with him, I am also semi-OCD. I love cleaning! I hate a mess. I don’t live in a very large apartment so I’m also ways finding new ways to declutter and clean.

So I found this on Pinterest by One Good Thing by Jillee on how to get rid of armpit stains on white shirts. Well I don’t know about you but I have tons of white clothes that I have spent hours trying to remove stains from and bleach does not cut it! So she did a simple concoction of Peroxide, Dawn dishwashing detergent and some baking soda. It transformed her shirts! Now I’m normally a skeptic for anything I find online so I had to try it for myself and see if it really did work.

Before pic:

armpit stains from my deodorant. These shirts are at least 3 years old.

I used a 2 tablespoons of Dawn, at least of cup of Peroxide and 3 tablespoons of baking soda

I poured it into a used water bottle (I have it marked in my closet to not use for anything else) and doused the area with the concoction. I scrubbed it a little and left it overnight. Mainly because I don’t have a washer/dryer in my house and had to wait for the next day anyway. I figured it didn’t matter.

and voila!

looks good as new! I’m totally excited now to clean all my son’s white shirts, socks and my boyfriends shirt. This is awesome!

Happy Reading~

Tootles!-Chic Cheli


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